E&E | Homelessness: a complex story

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14 January 2016

Homelessness: a complex story

The reasons people end up on the streets are complex.

A person does not just wake up one morning sleeping rough.

Appallingly poor mental health support, care leavers,unemployment,lack of affordable or social housing, relationship breakdown,lack of support post conviction,drug and substance abuse,benefit sanctions, lack of mental health care for people leaving the services,the list goes on.

Its easy to judge as one walks past but each person has a story to tell as to why they are sleeping rough.

There are also millions of young homeless, who are sofa surfing,not on streets but very vulnerable.

Its not a quick fix but decades of underinvestment in provisions that support vulnerable people have taken there toll. Its nothing to do with sending money oversea although that’s an often used mantra.

Plenty of money in this country but untill we take hold of the causes of homelessness we will simply be mopping up rather than preventing people being in that situation in the first place.

Facebook comment on the story about the Exeter homelessness charity St Petrocks publishing figures showing a rise in the homeless and vulnerably housed using its services


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