ECC Scrutiny: Community | My question on dog bins

2015-11-05 11.57.07

My question under Standing Order 20 to the Portfolio Holder for Health and Place about dog bins

Just over a week ago, there were many instances of overflowing dog bins. I understand the cause was  temporary staff shortages due to sickness

Can the Portfolio Holder for Health and Place confirm that this was due to unforeseen circumstances rather than an unacceptable reduction in staff mumbers?

Written Answer:
The agency staff member who was covering this particular area left without prior notice, and our back-up partially-trained agency staff member was on holiday. With other staff sickness at present, this left us very low on in-house knowledge. Although the site listing of dog bins, especially when they are in large sites such as playing fields. The situation was recovered last week.

The 4 year moratorium on staff recruitment, along with the need to have consideration to future budget restrictions, has left the operational team carrying a significant proportion of agency staff. Now, with a degree of certainty in the short to medium term, recruitment for replacing the agency staff with permanent staff has commenced.

Supplementary Question:
In understand that the opening of the incinerator on Marsh Barton means that dog mess no longer has to be transported to Newton Abbot three times a week for disposal.

As a result any bin will do for dog poo.

What measures can we put in place to encourage responsible dog owners to put dog waste into standard litter bins if a special dog bin isn’t available?

And how can we successfully advertise those measures?

Verbal Answer:
Cllr Keith Owen gave a verbal answer.

He said we need to get some new measures in place and then work on the media strategy, but yes, ECC will be looking at ways to publicise the fact that dog poo can be placed in any street litter bin – something I’ve been doing for a long time, including this blog from July 2015.

Oh, and don’t forget to report those dog bis before they become full!

Contact Cleansing Services:
tel: 01392 665010


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