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29 October 2015

Community News | Polling Changes

The final recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission will have on where some people vote next year and ward councillors Paul Bull and Heather Morris have been looking on what this means for those living in Cowick.

Cllr Paul Bull said: “The majority of the 2500 properties and 4500 electors of Cowick will join up with the old St Thomas ward to form a new enlarged ward – confusing also called St Thomas – made of some 35% of electors from Cowick and the remainder from the current St Thomas ward.

“So, for around 3000 residents there is no change.  They will continue to vote where they’ve always have, either at Bowhill or Westside on Merrivale Road.”

St Thomas WardConcerning the other 1500 electors, Cllr Morris Heather said: “About a third of the old Cowick ward with join an Alphington ward drawn with new boundaries.

“That means for some 1250 voters currently using the Bowhill polling station, it is  proposed that they will now use West Exe School to vote. Those living in and around Cowick Hill, Broadway and Parkway plus the residents of Cowick Lane, Orchard Gardens, Little Johns Cross Hill and Perridge Close are affected, as well as those on the left hand side of Dunsford Road heading out of Exeter. are affected by this change.”

Alphington ward

Cllr Bull added:”The Cowick side of Isleworth Road and High Meadows will join with their neighbours on opposite side of the street in Exwick – as will Branscombe Close, Wellsworth Gardens, Imperial Street, Rosemary Street, Savile Road, Prescot Road, Green Lane and Charnley Avenue. It is proposed that the 350 residents living in these roads will now use the polling station at Redhills School.”

Exwick ward

Paul concluded: “Anyone wanting to comment on these new arrangements should contact Jeff Chalk, Polling District Review, Electoral Services Office, Exeter City Council, Paris Street, EXETER EX1 1JN or electoral.services@exeter.gov.uk by 10 November 2015.”


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