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22 October 2015

Community News | Polling Districts

The number of wards in Exeter has been reduced from 18 to 13, each with 3 elected councillors.

In order to implement these new arrangements, it is necessary to review the polling districts, polling places and polling stations for the city.

The results of this review will form the basis for the publication of a revised register of electors published on 01 February 2016 and will in turn form the basis of the arrangements for the city council elections due on 05 May.

St Thomas councillor Rob Hannaford, who now has an additional two polling districts in the new, enlarged St Thomas ward, said: Residents in Exeter are being given the opportunity to make changes to their local polling station by sharing their views on location and accessibility with the council.

“Proposed new polling stations have been published by the council, which residents and interested parties are invited to review and comment on. Elected representatives, local political parties and community groups are also being consulted. Views are also especially welcome from people with expertise in disability access and facilities for voters with additional support needs.

“Naturally, where there are boundary changes, there will need to be changes to some polling stations, which we’re keen to seek people’s views on. However there is also an opportunity to give people, even if unaffected by the boundary changes, the chance to improve their polling arrangements.”

Cllr Hannaford added: “I would therefor encourage everyone to think about where they cast their vote and let us know if they have any better suggestions.”

St Thomas Ward


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