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08 October 2015

Community News | Cowick

Earlier Bin Men

Residents in the “County” Roads – that is those which include Dorset Avenue, Somerset Avenue, Essex Close, Wiltshire Close, Hampshire Close, Sussex Close and Berkshire Close – were a bit put out last week when their bins were collected much earlier than usual.

They accordingly contacted local councillor Paul Bull to complain, and Cllr Bull has now told Community News: “I was told by a resident who had lived in the area for 22 years that the “Counties” normally have their rubbish collected between mid-day and 2pm, but last week the bin men came at 7am which had never happened previously.

“This caught some residents unawares, and several households didn’t have their rubbish collected”

Cllr Heather Morris also received comments, and it seems many thought this was a change to the normal collection time.

Cllr Morris said: “Most people contacted me asking why they weren’t informed in the change in collection time –  they thought that, with such a radical change in collection times, they should have been notified.”

Cllr Bull contacted with the Waste Collection team and has been informed that the early collection time was caused by a vehicle breakdown at the Exton Road depot.

He said: “When the shift started at 6am, one of the vehicles had suffered a breakdown and it was decided to reallocate the work between crews so the the waste from the dozen or so streets that make up the “Counties” was collected on the scheduled day.

“As you can imagine there are many unforeseen circumstances that can arise when the team assemble at Exton Road at 6am each morning – staff illnesses, unexpected vehicle breakdowns, weather conditions etc.

“It is for this reason, the advice given by our waste collection team is that rubbish and recycling material should be presented in the correct receptacle at the correct collection point no later than 6am on the day of collection, but of course, no earlier than 6pm the night before.

“I am sorry the early collection last week has inconvenienced a small number of Cowick residents on this collection round.

“I have had the assurance that this is NOT going to be a regular change to the collection time.”

One thought on “E&E Community News | The Bin Men Cometh – too early

  1. I’ve had an update from ECC Refuse Collection team:

    It seems that about 200 addresses were affected by the early refuse collection on 01 October.

    The roads affected were:
    06:48 Somerset Avenue
    06:53 Sussex Close
    07:03 Essex Close
    07:06 Wiltshire Close
    07:23 Dunsford Gardens
    07:40 Wentworth Gardens
    08:03 Dorset Avenue
    08:08 Hampshire Close
    08:35 Nadder Park Road
    08:53 Wheatley Close
    09:03 Barley Farm Road
    09:19 Berkshire Drive

    In some streets up to half the addresses were recorded as not having a bin out, when the bin lorries visited between 06:40 and 09:20.

    The majority of residents in Exeter will have experienced a change in collection day or time during our round reorganisations over the last five years, so they have learned that collection times can vary.

    This area of Cowick is perhaps unusual in not experiencing any changes in 20 years

    It is planned to push the “6am” message through the usual media, especially around Christmas time when crews help each other out more due to the extra waste generated at that time of year.


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