Refugee Support Devon | Press statement on refugee situation








The current government proposal to take 20,000 Syrians over 5 years from refugee camps in countries bordering Syria is not an appropriate response to the immediate needs of the thousands who have struggled at great personal cost to themselves and their children to escape the destruction of their homes and communities, to find a safe haven and refuge in Europe.

The UK government stance appears to be not to respond to this present reality. We are hopeful that this is not the final position that the government will take. It should recognise that thousands of refugees are here in Europe now and respond immediately to this rather than cherry picking refugees from the camps bordering Syria over a period of five years.

In recent days thousands of UK citizens have demonstrated their strong support for moves to welcome refugees in transit across Europe , offering accommodation and other kinds of assistance. We would urge the government and local councils to act swiftly in response to this outpouring of good will towards refugees in order to allow some of those now in Europe to pass through our borders and be accommodated in this country.

The situation is constantly evolving as a result of grass roots organisations lobbying MPs.


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