Association on Labour Councillors NEC elections | Candidate Statement




Your statement will be sent to all members of the ALC with their ballot papers. If you do not submit a statement, your name will still appear on the ballot paper but you will be at a disadvantage with other candidates. Any words over the 200 limit will be deleted. This limit includes a maximum of three contact lines, for example phone number, email and twitter handle. You are not obliged to include any contact information.

The recent General Election was a wake-up call for the Labour party. Having spent 5 years in opposition to the Tory-led Coalition, we now face the prospect of another 5 years opposing a Tory majority Government.

But that doesn’t mean that Labour is out of power.

Up and down the country, there are Labour-led administrations running local authorities.

And individual councillors and small groups are providing a strong voice in their local communities.

But nationally the Labour leadership appear deaf to the voices of those committed elected members.

I would aim to make our voices heard.

Here in Fortress Exeter we are a single beacon in sea of blue – the only Labour-led majority local authority and the only constituency with a Labour MP south-west of Bristol.

I don’t think that this situation has arisen by accident.

We wouldn’t have Exeter as a Labour authority if we didn’t have a excellent constituency MP and that MP relies on a well-run council.

We speak to our residents all year round, and feed that information into our campaigning.

Yet in all those discussions on national policy and how to communicate them to our electorate, I feel we our ignored.


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