What happens when Exeter Energy from Waste plant is closed for maintenance?

The EfW Liaison Group meeting due to be held on 28 July 2015 was postponed at last minute as the Energy Reclamation Facilty plant was taken offline at short notice to allow for some reactive maintenance to take place.

Exeter EfW plant in Marsh Barton
Exeter EfW plant in Marsh Barton

During this maintenance shut down, a large number of contractors would be onsite carrying out a variety of activities and it was felt (by the management team) this would not allow a suitable, safe environment within which to hold a liaison group meeting.

Two questions arise.

Surely, there are other venues around the city to hold such a meeting? There is nothing we discuss that means the meeting needs to be held at the plant. if Devon County Council couldn’t find a venue, I am sure that one could be made available at City Council’s offices in Paris Street

But the bigger question is what happens to the waste destined for the incinerator when the EfW plant is closed?

In these circumstances, ECC has to we revert to the previous routine of delivering waste to the Greendale Transfer Station at Woodbury Salterton. DCC’s contractor then transports it in bulk to Heathfield landfill site.

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