Exeter Pound Business Social | “The Exeter Pound is this city’s new way of seeing things”

At the top of this week Exeter Pound hosted our first Business social at the Exeter Corn Exchange. Local independent businesses heard talks from Alex Wren from the Federation of Small Businesses, Melanie Shaw from Exeter Pound, Start Block’s Hannah Lamarque discussed social media in business, and Cllr. Paul Bull, Member Champion for Community Engagement, addressed the crowd about why the council is supporting this scheme.
Cllr Paul Bull speaking at Exeter Pound's Business to Business Social
Cllr Paul Bull speaking at Exeter Pound’s Business to Business Social
Opening the evening, Paul spoke with passion about how he wants to ‘connect individuals to a wider variety of local, independent businesses in a colourful and engaging way… and in a way that can build financial and economic resilience’.

So much so, Paul stated that ‘I will take a percentage of my Councillor allowance of £4500 per year in Exeter Pounds.

‘We want to celebrate Exeter’s rich history, culture and diversity, and recognize the need to look after our environment for future generations’. The Cowick Councillor is one of our latest new Exeter Pound Board Members, along with local sustainable clothes shop owner Kalkidan Legesse who today features in the Express and Echo, and Honorary Fellow of the University of Exeter Clare Bryden.

Our growing team reflects the impact we are having across all sectors of the city. The words business and community are becoming less frequently viewed as opposing entities, and more often they are seen to be working together for mutual benefits.

The social marked the beginning of official sign ups, with advocate of the scheme Claire Bliss, owner of Quay Presents, taking the title of our first signed trader. Over 100 local, independent businesses will be signed up to this vibrant scheme by September 1st.

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