#noTTIP | #Exeter is a TTIP-Free Zone

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TTIP, the EU-US trade deal, could be the biggest threat to democracy of our generation. This is true both at national level, where government policy like increasing the minimum wage or freezing energy prices could be challenged in secret corporate tribunals, and at local level, where councils could be forced to favour big American corporations over local, sustainable businesses in their procurement. Councils could also be challenged for doing things like denying planning permission for fracking in their local area.

Download the briefing from Global Justice Now to find out more about TTIP and local government.

Global Justice Now also have a model motion on TTIP for local authorities

Make your local council a TTIP Free Zone

Keep Our NHS Public is suggesting that local groups consider a campaign to persuade their local authority to declare their council a ‘TTIP free zone’. There have already been resolutions to this effect successfully passed by a number of local authorities, such as Southampton (19 Novmber 2014), Oxford (29 September 2014), and Exeter (16 December 2014) , and Lancashire County Council (17 July 2014).

KONP has drafted a motion for campaigners to put to local councils (see attached – it just needs the name of the Local Authority inserted).
Download suggested Motion

Advice from those who have already successfully lobbied Councils includes first finding a sympathetic councillor to take this forward and writing to members of the Council in advance of any discussion of the resolution, to provide information that may help to persuade members to support the motion.
Download draft letter to Councillor

If my experience here in Exeter is anything to go by, this is a good move – one Tory councillor ahead our meeting did his research on Wikipedia!

Earlier this week, Global Justice Now announced that Edinburgh and Lewisham joined the list of TTIP-Free councils.

TTIP-Free Zones
TTIP-Free Zones

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