Why the #LemonSelfie photos from #Exeter’s #EndAusterityNOW rally?

At the Devon People’s Assembly #EndAusterityNOW rally in Northernhay Gardens several people were carrying lemons (any maybe a few limes). Why?

The answer is easy – as a symbol of austerity.

I had seen photos of protestors squeezing lemons at an Italian demonstration against austerity from 2011 and thought it might make for some striking images to illustrate our opposition to austerity here in Exeter.

So why a lemon?

Austerity’s original meaning, taken from the Greek word austeros, was “bitter or harsh taste – like that of lemons.

And that’s the bitter aftertaste of Tory austerity for the past 5 years…sucking on lemons.

There’s a saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

Cllr Paul Bull - #LemonSelfie
Cllr Paul Bull – #LemonSelfie
CllrHannah Packham - #LemonSelfie
CllrHannah Packham – #LemonSelfie
Cllr Phil Bialyk - #LemonSelfie
Cllr Phil Bialyk – #LemonSelfie
Group #LemonSelfie - We're all bitter here!
Group #LemonSelfie – “We’re all bitter here!”

And there’s the added advantage of using the remainder – with a touch of honey – to soothe our sore throats after shouting ourself hoarse

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