#Cowick Newsletter | ‘The Slip’ – the alleyway between Buddle Lane and Merrivale Road

Over the past few months, the Labour team have been trying to get The Slip – the alley-way that runs from Buddle Lane to Merrivale Road, near Bowhill School – tidied up.

The Slip has been a well-used walking route for a long time – that’s why  the Labour team were adamant that the alley-way should remain lit during the hours of 00:30 and 05:30 when many of the streetlights in Cowick are switched off as part of Devon’s Part-Night Street Lighting policy.

However, the Slip continues to attract rubbish and little. But that’s not the only concern.

Paul says “I’ve long tried to get Devon County Council to deal with the rusting railings that front the new wooden fence on the  St Philip’s Court side of The Slip because the bent spikes are dangerous and they are no longer needed to mark the boundary now there is that wooden fence in place.

“I am also hoping to get DCC to widen the gap between the barriers as I know that wheelchair users and users of mobility scooters are prevented getting past them.”

Heather agrees the area needs addressing, adding:

“There are currently 2 sheets of corrugatedthat need to be removed by the landowner, and then it would be good to see that banks tidied up.

Your Labour Team are looking to get permission from the landowner, and then work with the local community to make a marked change to this area.

PB on The Slip
PB on The Slip

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