#Cowick Newsletter | Thank you, Cowick

I would like to thank the electors of Cowick for their continued faith and trust in me.

I am proud and honoured – and a little humbled- that so many residents feel I am worthy of continuing as their elected representative on Exeter City Council.

I will continue, to the best of my ability, to represent you all – whether you voted for me or not, or indeed whether you voted or not.

The election campaign was hard work for myself, my co-councillors and a small but dedicated band of volunteer Labour supporters.

Over many months we spoke to residents on the doorstep and made contact with many more of you on the phone, on the streets, on the buses, and on-line.

During those conversations, you let us know what you thought about what we were doing in Cowick and Exeter – your issues, problems and concerns (and sometimes, the occasional compliment).

However, we know that there were many of you that we failed to reach. We will continue to seek out opportunities to address this – but just to say, you can always contact us using our details are listed on this newsletter.

As your Labour Team, we now look forward to addressing those issues you’ve already raised with us.

We would like to add that in the coming year ECC will be faced with challenges caused by cuts from Central Government funding to both local authorities. However, we hope that we can continue to maintain as many frontline services as possible, and that where services are reduced or withdrawn, that the effects on you, the residents, are considered and minimised.

Over the past four years, as your elected representative I have tried to be many things – your eyes and ears on local issues affecting Cowick; a community leader and organiser trying to pull initiatives together within the ward (look out for announcements on the future of Westside and the launch of a Neighbourhood HeathWatch scheme within the community); a caseworker on specific issues affecting local residents; alongside the civic responsibilities of attending meetings as an elected member of Exeter City Council.

I look forward to continuing this work over the coming year and so once again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do.

The election is over – but the hard work still continues, as I seek to represent you all over the coming year to the best of my abilities.

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