Recommendation to retain evening services on the P bus

I have just seen on the Devon County Council website the recommendations going to DCC Cabinet on 10 June  –  including the one that the evening service will remain for the P bus – is welcome news and testament to the work that I and many others have done to promote Passenger Power in Cowick, and elsewhere.

Throughout the 12 week consultation period of DCC’s Public Transport Review,  I – along with my fellow Labour councillors and volunteers – tried to generate when asking residents to respond to DCC’s public transport review.

passengerpower-logo-624x440We spoke and wrote to many residents as well as delivering by hand hundreds of leaflets in Cowick letting them know about the consultation, and making sure they didn’t miss the bus/

It seems those contributions helped save the service.

At first I had concerns over the exact wording of the recommendation for the P bus – “The evening service in its entirety is proposed for continuation within the recommended revised evening service support criterion”  – thinking this might mean the proposed reduced service on Sundays and Bank Holidays would be implemented.

I certainly asked for the Sunday service on the route of the P to be considered alongside the evening service.

I have had confirmation from transport officers at DCC that the recommendation – if approved – would mean that the P bus would continue to run to the current timetable.

This is good news, but I am still aware that there are still serious flaws with the public transport service for Cowick, and this is certainly not the end of the Cowick Deserves Better Buses campaign


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