#ECC15 | Yes, #Cowick really does deserve better

It’s always good to see what your opposition is up to…and I was glad to see (at long last ) a leaflet from my Tory opponent. It is interesting to note that he stood against my co-councillor Heather Morris in 2014, yet this is the first communication since then

He uses the slogan Cowick Deserves Better.

He says that there are roads in Cowick that are in desperate need of repairing – something that the Labour team have been highlighting for 4 years.

He seems to have missed pictures with golf balls.


Golf on Dorset Avenue
Golf on Dorset Avenue

And the survey that revealed over 200 potholes along the length of Dorset Avenue – many of them not classified as safety defects, so not in need of repair according to DCC.

2014-09-23 10.56.20

He seems to have missed the petition that was presented to Devon County Council at the end of last year. The one that prompted DCC to reply that yes they have a scheme drawn up, but no there’s no money to implement that scheme.

This might seem that we’re favouriting Dorset Avenue – of course not! We’re just highlighting Dorset Avenue as one of many  (or is that MOST?) of the roads in Cowick that are in desperate need of repair and resurfacing.

And of course, he overlooks the fact that the Conservative-led Devon County Council are managing a planned decline in the state of roads – not only in Cowick, not only in Exeter, but across Devon. DCC need to spend £65m to keep their roads in the state they are in now, yet they have only budgeted £35m to do so!

He says that the Merrivale Road Community Centre is looking sad and neglected – I’m guessing that he means Westside (formerly Buddle Lane) Youth Centre. For 4 years, I’ve been wanting the building to be used as a community centre.

Buddle Lane Youth Centre  has a new name - Westside
Buddle Lane Youth Centre has a new name – Westside

Since Devon County Council (oh, them again – remind me who runs that council?) cut all youth service provision west of the Exe in the autumn, the building has been shut.

Local Labour councillors have been working alongside Exeter YMCA to prepare a new vision for the future – that of a community centre that also hosts youth provision. It’s been hard work. The initial plan had been to get the building up and running by now, but a series of delays (involving DCC as the main obstacle) have delayed all that – probably until the autumn.

He highlights the situation at Cowick Street and Dunsford Road crossroads – perhaps he’s missed me standing at the First & Last  in my fluorescent jacket watching traffic and bus movements. Certainly in the photo he uses, traffic seems to be flowing – this is what I’ve observed and why I want the problem addressed.

Traffic congestion at First & Last
Traffic congestion at First & Last

I’ve plenty of ideas. I’ve written about those ideas. And I’ve presented them at site meetings and Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders [HATOC] meetings – but still DCC (on no, it’s them again!) refuse to act.

I’ve been talking to Ben Bradshaw about the situation at this chaotic and congested junction – and together we may a plan to improve the traffic flow here.

Does the candidate know what actually does go on at the beautiful Bowhill.  Exeter City Council gave planning permission for a cafe a few years back, yet to date those plans have not come to fruition.As I understand it, the building is in private ownership and hosts a couple of flourishing businesses. In the meanwhile, those of you that vote her on polling day, please take time to look up at the roof – its wonderful.

The interior roof of the Great Hall.
The interior roof of the Great Hall.

(and on polling day you may see me in the indoor gallery on the approach to the Great Hall – so do say “Hi”).

An indoor gallery at Bowhill House.
An indoor gallery at Bowhill House.

Imitation is thought to be the sincerest form of flattery, but  in using only a part of a campaigning slogan I’ve been using in Cowick for 3 years – Cowick Deserves Better Buses – yet miss out the crucial final word, my opponent truely has missed the bus!

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