#CowickPBus leaflet

Devon County Council’ response to central Government spending cuts next year is to cut £1.7m from their annual public transport budget.

There are several ways they could propose to do this, including:
– making savings by changing services
– change the way in which services are provided
– increase charges for services rather than entirely taking them away

But DCC seem to be only suggesting the first option – and by “changing services” they really mean “withdrawing services”. And that means cutting evening and Sunday services on the P route

So yesterday, over 1000s households received this leaflet, delivered by a team of volunteers

P Bus Leaflet

Already, residents have been contacting me

Like the person who bought a property in Sylvan Heights based on the good availability of public transport as outlined in the Green Travel Plan.

Or the elderly people in and around Somerset Avenue. I’ve heard from 2 separate residents who find the steep hills a problem.

For them, getting off a bus on Buddle Lane of an evening only to have to walk up the hill to get home would be the equivalent of climbing Everest.

We need to encourage anyone and everyone that could be affected by these changes to respond to the DCC consultation before 20 April 2014

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