Devon & Cornwall Police – 20 mph enforcement protocol

As a follow-up to my blog #Cowick20 – Speeding in Parkway and Broadway, I now post this from January 2014.

Devon & Cornwall Police – 20 mph enforcement protocol

Devon and Cornwall Police work in close partnership with communities and local authorities to ensure that where we live and work remains a safe place.  It is important to ensure that vehicle speeds in our communities are reasonably low as that contributes towards to a safer environment.

Many residential areas and roads around schools, where there tends to be more pedestrians, have 20mph speed limits and zones to ensure vehicles travel slower.  Ensuring vehicle speeds remain within these lower limits can be achieved through a variety of measures including educating drivers, engineering roads (for example vehicle priority measures) or speed enforcement.

Speed enforcement in 20mph limits/zones is not a routine police activity.  Vehicle speeds in these limits and zones are most effectively managed through self-enforcing schemes employing physical engineering.  These will have a permanent and lasting effect on speeds, unlike enforcement.

Enforcement action in 20mph limits/zones, where speed detection devices are used, is done so on a case by case basis to address specific intelligence led requirements.  Enforcement is wide ranging and can include the deployment of speed indicator devices or high visibility local patrols.

All appropriate speed limits are supported where there is a proven need and where the speed limit is justified and clear; with reasonable expectation that motorists will naturally comply.  The objective is to reach acceptable levels of habitual compliance by motorists within 20mph limits/zones and not the routine prosecution of speed offenders.

Enforcement cannot be the sole arbiter of compliance with 20mph limits/zones and Devon and Cornwall police are currently working with all local authorities to address compliance issues across the force.


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