Petition: Resurfacing Doset Avenue

I have now received a response to the petition asking for Dorset Avenue to be resurfaced as a matter of urgency.


It reads:

Dear Cllr Bull

Petition: Resurfacing Dorset Avenue

Thank you for your petition, which was presented to County Council on 11 Decemeber by Councillor Roy Hill.

As requested by the Leader of Devon County Council, I have read the petition and reviewed the request, supported by those who have signed the petition, for resurfacing of Dorset Avenue.

I apologise for not having replied earlier or letting you know before now that it would take a little longer than 15 working days to look into this  and respond.

The Neighbourhood Team have identified a scheme for resurfacing of the above roads and this will be progressed when funds become available and subject  to  prioritisation of the work in relation to other demand on the Highways Capital Budget.

We acknowledge that the road surface layer is in poor condition. Where safety defect potholes develop we will continue to carry out repairs. Safety defect potholes are those that are 40mm or greater in depth, 300m or more in size and have vertical edges. When safety defect potholes have been repaired a road remains serviceable for use, albeit with car.

Government has now allocated capital funding to Devon for highway maintenance in 2015/16. The allocation is not enough to enable us to carry out all of the work that is needed on Devon’s roads. However, Government has invited bids for a second allocation of funding and we will be trying to win as much extra money for Devon as possible to enable us to carry out highways maintenance on more of the lower priority roads like Dorset Avenue.

So there we have it, a response but not really an answer.

And buried within the wording, there is an interesting phrase:
Safety defect potholes are those that are 40mm or greater in depth, 300m or more in size and have vertical edges (my emphasis)

The phrase “have vertical edges” does not appear on DCC’s Maintaining Roads page of their website, which says this on fixing potholes:
We will only carry out a repair on a pothole which is over 40mm deep and greater than 300mm in any horizontal direction. (in this instance the emphasis belongs to DCC!)

A similar definition is found in DDC’s Highways Safety Inspection Manual Version 5.0 Issued April 2013:
A pothole (sharp edged depression or void) is a safety defect when it is over 40mm deep and it is greater than 300mm in any horizontal direction.

The cynic in me is wondering if DCC has added  “vertical edges”  to the definition of a safety defect to reduce the number of pothole repairs they need to do!

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