Promoting #PassengerPower on #CowickPBus

28 January 2015 | For immediate release

Promoting passenger power on the P bus

Evening and Sunday services on the P bus through Cowick are under threat, after Devon County Council announced a public consultation of the future of subsidized bus routes throughout the County.

The proposal is to withdraw the late evening buses Monday to Saturday meaning that the final service to Crossmead from the High Street would depart at 2012, and the final journey back to the city centre would depart Cowick at 2028.

Cllr Paul Bull has long campaigned on issues surrounding the P bus, including the route the service takes.

“I’ve already highlighted that it seems strange that the only bus route through the main part of the ward goes nowhere near the GP surgery that looks after the health of the residents of Cowick.

“And now I have grave concerns about these proposals – they will increase social isolation of an elderly and ageing population, that also suffers from bad or very bad health, and where 1 in 4 households doesn’t own a car.

“Even DCC’s own Equaltiy Impact Assessment warns: ‘…some communities are likely to have their last bus or public transport service withdrawn, and be left isolated for anyone who does not have access to a car.’

“Along with my City and County Co-Councillors, I will be working to ensure as many passengers know about these proposals and find ways to respond.

“The problem is that Devon has taken a digital-by-default approach. I don’t think that’s appropriate for a ward were residents either doesn’t have access to the internet or reluctant to use IT engage with such consultations.

“We will be looking to run surgeries of the P bus to talk with passengers about these proposals and find ways to pass them back to Devon County Council.

This consultation closes on Monday 20 April 2015 and any accepted proposals will be implemented during the second half of 2015.

Notes for Editors:
[1] Devon County Council – Public Transport Review

[2] Key facts about Cowick from 2011 Census

[3] DCC – Equality Impact Assessment of Public and community transport budget reductions

[4]  From the consultation webpage for those who want paper copies of the consultation:
If you need more information, a different format or have a question:
Phone 0345 155 1015
Text 80011 (start your message with the word Devon)
Textphone 0345 155 1020
Write to Transport Coordination Service, Devon County Council, County Hall, Exeter EX2 4QW

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