An election elevator pitch for a floating voter

It’s election countdown time – so time to prepare an elevator pitch for a floating voter!

“You’re a floating voter, you say. Over the next one hundred days or so, you’re going to be bombarded with facts and figures by all parties to try and convince you to vote for them.

And I’m going to be no different!

I’m proud of what Exeter Labour have done for the city.

Council Tax in the city is one of the lowest in the country, but by using our assets – our car parks and property portfolio – we’ve managed to avoid the worst ravages of auterity cuts imposed by the Tory-led Coalition Government. [1]

Exeter’s track record of increasing productivity has been highlighted as one of the best in the UK, second only to oil-rich Aberdeen. [2]

As a result, Exeter has a thriving economy – with vacant shops in the city at half the national average.

We see culture is an economic driver of the city – and Exeter is only 1 of 3 local authorities that spends 50p per week per person on arts, culture and heritage.

As a council, we aspire to be energy neutral by the year 2020 – already an award-winning programme [3]

We already have solar PV panels on the roofs of many of our civic buildings, and now we’re planning to install them on the top decks of some of our car parks.

We’ve invested in electric vehicles and with Government grants have installed electric charging points around the city

We’re converting our office lighting to LED and will use motion sensors to switch them off when not needs.

So by voting for Exeter Labour, as well as RED you get GREEN.”

[1] Exeter Citizen [Spring 2014]

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 11.17.37

[2] The State of The North  ed: Ed Cox and Luke Raikes [IPPR North, November 2014]

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 10.32.27

[3] Exeter City Council – Becoming an Energy Neutral Council  in PSS Magazine [ November 2014] – Winner Best Energy Management in Public Sector Sustainability Awards 2014

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