#COWICK NEWSLETTER [Winter 2015]| #PavementParking

Now that the major utilities works being carried out by Wales & West are over, it seems that the streets of Cowick are less congested. But some pavement parking remains.

Now there are 2 conflicting issues in play here.

If drivers didn’t park on the pavement, roads would be narrow for traffic. This is of immense concern on Barley Farm Road where inappropriate parking often delays the P bus on its journey to the city centre.

Yet parking on the pavement means pedestrians often have to walk in the road as there is no room for them to pass on the footpaths. This becomes even more of a problem for residents with visual impairments, parents with buggies and wheelchair users.

There are debates currently happening in Parliament where they are discussing the issue of pavement parking.

But these may not resolve the conflicts in Cowick. But Cllr Paul Bull has an idea that might help.

“A recent meeting of Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee HATOC] was discussing if there was an progress on re-instating the old ban on pavement parking,” says Paul “and I asked if they would consider a scheme for those roads that need it – painting a line on the pavement that allows drivers to park on the pavement but ensures there is enough space for pedestrians to pass by on the footpath.”

What do you think of Paul’s suggestion? Please contact your Labour team and let them know.

Cllr Heather Morris behind a P bus delayed by pavement parking in Barley Farm Road
Cllr Heather Morris behind a P bus delayed by pavement parking in Barley Farm Road

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