COWICK NEWSLETTER [Winter 2015] | #CowickPNSL

In Cowick , part-night street lighting (PNSL) has been in operation since April 2014

Over those 9 months, your Labour team have heard your comments: the street lights have  been on during daylight hours; they were coming back on at 6am rather than 05:30; and that you were worried about an increase in crime.

Paul Bull said: “Since PNSL started, you Labour cllrs have been getting regular updates from PC Mark Oliver of the local neighbourhood team. These show that there has been NO increase in reported crime. but we will continue to keep a close eye on this data and act if we feel the situation is changing”

On the opertional matters, cllrs called for a meeting with Devon County Council officers responsible for street lighting in Exeter and that meeting finally happened just before Christmas

Paul summarises what happened at that meeting. “We highlighted your experiences and concerns over part-night street lighting, and in return DCC officers acknowledged that the introduction of the policy hadn’t gone as smoothly as they had hoped.

“They were problems but we were told that these had been sorted. DCC have also promised to do more to inform the public about PNSL – about both the problems and the progess.”

At the final Council Council meeting of the year,  Cllr Roy Hill asked a series of questions about PNSL and in what circumstance the streetlights would be switched on.

Roy asked if the street lights could be left on throughout the night following Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, when many more residents would be out and about on the darkened streets.

Unfortunately this most sensible this request was turned down as ‘against the PNSL policy’.

In addition, Roy asked if the lamps could be turned on during adverse weather conditions (such as snow) and he highlighted the concerns of those people who had to go to work whilst the lights are

The answer to those people out and about at that time was “carry a torch”

To which Paul would like to add: “I remember from my youth a jingle that told people to ‘wear something bright at night’. It seems that good advise in back in fashion!”

Cllr Paul Bull appropriate equipped in Cowick during PNSL hours
Cllr Paul Bull appropriate equipped in Cowick during PNSL hours


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