The history of Part-Night Street Lighting in #Cowick

It’s been a long convoluted journey leading to the introduction of Part-Night Street Lighting [PNSL] in Cowick on All-Fools’ Day on 01/04/4.

Devon County Council have been keen to introduce a scheme of switching of  non-essential street lighting between the hours of 12:30am and 5:30am for many years.

A new street lighting policy was approved in July 2007 (ref: EEC/07/216/HQ)

A decision to implement part night lighting in residential areas was approved in January 2009 (ref: EEC/09/8/HQ).

MWN announced the start of PNSL in Big Switch-Off in Devon on 08 October 2009

Back in 2009 justification was as a carbon saving measure (It is estimated that PNSL across the county could save up to 4,000 tonnes of CO2, but of late all the rhetoric has been about cutting the budget and saving money.

By August 2010, there was talk of a 6-month trial period of PNSL in Exeter – as reported by WMN in Council leaders are considering Part-night street lighting (28 Aug 2010).

I was selected to stand as Labour and Co-operative candidate in November 2010.

In December, I wrote A Bright Idea? highlighting the environmental advantages, but asking for the views of residents.

Just after i was elected in May 2011, I wrote to DCC asking what was being planned – but I received no response.

The next we heard was that  in April 2012, DCC Cabinet agreed to purchase a Street Lighting Monitoring System at an estimated cost of £1.7m

This was reported by WMN on 11 April 2012 in £1.7m cost of technology to turn off street lights.

The report carried a quote from Cllr Stuart Hughes, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation:  “The new system would allow the council more flexibility to manage, monitor or dim lights progressively, as traffic and pedestrian numbers dropped, and turn them on and off as needed.”

 Then in early 2013, we heard a rumour that DCC were planning to introduce PNSL across Exeter – no details, no timetable, nothing.It was thought DCC would just turn the lights off all over the city without any consultation – perhaps even doing across Exeter on one night?

The consultation on Exeter PNSL was (apparently) launched at the beginning of May 2013, but I first found out about the proposals almost a month later!

On 06 June 2013 Express and Echo outlined the PNSL proposals in a article In the dark? Much of Exeter faces blackout

Devon County Council has a dedicated website about PNSL for Exeter, and under proposals states: “Outline proposals have been developed with the help of local councillors, the police and other stakeholders.”

What that really means is that councillors both Exeter City Council and Devon County Council demanded a Members’ Briefing with DCC’s Street Lighting Team and Cabinet Members to discuss how PNSL would work in Exeter.

Once the consultation was underway, I wrote another Storify, Is DCC taking a dim view of Exeter with it’s *consultation* on PNSL?

Some of those themes were developed in More on PNSL

In  September 2013, E&E was talking about a leaked police report that raised major concerns over PNSL plans

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