#Theatre4Exeter – what I (and others) have said in the past

04/04/2008 | Homes, not theatre

Back in 2008, there were calls to turn the old Debenham’s building into a theatre – these are my comments on that proposal and were published in Express & Echo on 08/04/2008

08/03/2012 | E&E – Turn bus station site into new theatre

ARTS lover Steve Bloomfield has launched a campaign for a major concert venue to be built in Exeter.

08/04/2012 | #Theatre4Exeter

I know I was touring with An Inspector Calls (in Newcastle on the day in question) but I can’t remember what @LonWon asked that prompted this stream of consciousness!

21/06/2012 | Exeter’s burning theatre dreams

Prompted by 3 letters on the subject in Express & Echo. @LonWon has written this blog

22/09/12 | #Theatre4Exeter – UPDATE

Discussion on Twitter with @CafeAt36 and others prompted by an exhibition about the history of the Theatre Royal held in The Guildhall

24/09/2012 | Theatre Envy

My initial thoughts on the accusations that Exeter is a cultural desert

24/09/2012 | #TheatreEnvy

There are often calls, in the local press and media as well as in discusions elsewhere, that what Exeter needs is a large commercial theatre to rival Plymouth’s Theatre Royal – my view on those calls.

04/10/2012 | #Theatre4Exeter in city ‘would not work’

I had hoped that this letter would be published in Express and Echo

04/10/2012 | #Theatre4Exeter in city ‘would not work’

Comments made in my letter above formed the basis of this article in Express and Echo

23/11/2012 | Exeter Civic Society: A new theatre for Exeter – a public discussion

Exeter Civic Society invited me to a Public Meeting on 6 December to enable the public to debate the possibility of a new town centre theatre.

ECS published a summary of the discussions and also summarised a survey  of who attended the meeting on a feedback form

Following on from this public meeting, a working group was formed (first meeting on 16/01/2013) and this has now evolved into Theatre fro Exeter Development Group

14/04/2014 | 50p for Culture

Exeter is one of only 3 local authorities spending more than 50p per person per week in arts, museums and heritage (the other 2 are City of London and Middlesborough).

For comparison, here’s what Plymouth City Council, Torbay, Devon County Council and neighbouring district authorities spend per person per week in arts, museums and heritage:

Plymouth UA                    0.19

Torbay UA                        0.14

Devon County Council   0.01

East Devon DC                0.03

Exeter City Council         0.53

Mid Devon DC                 0.01

North Devon DC              0.17

South Hams DC               0.01

Teignbridge DC               0.02

Torridge DC                      0.09

Mid Devon DC                  0.03

14/04/2014 | #Theatre4Exeter debate at @BikeShedTheatre

In February 2014, the Theatre 4 Exeter Development Group published a report, The Case for a new theatre for Exeter and the Heart of Devon, which was launched at a public meeting at the Bike Shed Theatre. Here are my thoughts from the tech box.

05/10/2014 | #Exeter is 7th most cultural city in the #UK

Analysis by our in-house data team at Manchester Evening News, ´Exeter  came seventh out of the 50 cities analysed, ahead of other cities like Manchester (9th) and Bristol (10th).

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