STORIFY INDEX | Part-Night Street Lighting

12/06/13 | Part Night Street Lighting

Is Devon County Council taking a dim view of Exeter with its *consultation* on Part Night Street Lighting?

14/06/13 | Members’ Briefing on #ExeterPNSL

16/06/13 | More on #ExeterPNSL

17/02/14 | #ExeterPNSL starts on April Fools Day

16/08/14 | #TorbayPNSL or not?

12/11/14 | Bowhay Lane #Cowick

18/11/14 |#ExeterPNSL Part 3

Part night street lighting roll-out continues in Duryard and Pennsylvannia

29/11/14 | #ExeterPNSL

11/12/14 | #CowickPNSL

11/12/14 | #DCCmeeting – #PNSL in #Exeter

22/12/14 | Part-night Street Lighting across the country

75% of councils in England are having to dim or switch off streetlights at night

03/01/14 | #ExeterPNSL

10/07/15 | #ExeterPNSL moves on to #Priory and #StLeonards

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