UPDATE | Cowick’s pothole petition

Express and Echo

Community News | 21 November 2014


Pothole Pettion

As previously disclosed in Community News, there are more that 200 potholes in Dorset Avenue.

And as a petition is about to be presented to the County Council, local councillor Paul Bull has discovered through a Freedom of Information request that, so far this year, DCC has paid out more than £5,700 in compensation to Exeter car drivers for damage caused by the state of th’s road – that is nearly as much as was paid out in total for the whole of the previous 4 years.

Cllr Bull told Comunity News: “Despite earlier reassurances, it was decided that Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee [HATOC] was not the correct body to receive our Dorset Avenue resurfacing petition, and it was agreed it should either be presented to either Devon County Council’s Cabinet or Full Council instead.

“It is hoped that Cllr Roy Hill would do this at the December meeting of one of these bodies.”

Fellow councillor Heather Morris said: “Of course, it was frustrating – not for us, but for the 100 signatories of the petition.

“And those 200 potholes are just the tip of the iceberg. There are potholes all over the ward.”

Cllr Bull added: “On Saturday, I was speaking to a resident in Oak Road, who told me that his street hasn’t been resurfaced in the 30 years he’s lived there.

“He was telling me he’s just about to get his car repaired yet again after  damage caused by the road surface.”

Cllr Bull said: “The response to my FoI request shows that, in the year to date, almost as much has been paid out in compensation as in the previous 4 years.

“If the County Council doesn’t start to address the potholes, I can see claims for compensation going even higher.”

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 14.13.34

LATEST | The intention now is to present the Dorset Avenue Resurface NOW1 petition to DCC Full Council at County Hall at 2.15 pm on 11/12/14 

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