More problems with Cowick Part-Night Street Lighting

The Cowick team of Labour councillors have been picking up many adverse comments about street lights within the ward – and the problems seem to spread across the whole of the West of the Exe.

Since these problems are not being seen across the rest of the city, Cllrs Paul Bull, Heather Morris and Roy Hill think that these instances are related to the systems being used to control the part-night street lighting policy which plunges Cowick, Exwick, Alphington and St Thoma  into pitch darkness between the hours of 00:30 and 05:30.

Paul (@CllrPaul4Cowick) and Heather (@CllrMorris) use Twitter and Facebook (Cowick Councillors Homepage: to keep in contact with local residents.

This week their social media feeds have been full on contacting telling them about street lights being on during daylight hours.

And these comments were echoed over the weekend, as the Cowick team were out speaking to local residents on the doorstep

“They were angry that Devon County Council failed to communicate the PNSL policy was has implemented on 1st April,” Heather commented.

“But they now seem full of despair as money is burned with lights being on during the day.”

Roy Hill confirmed that this problem has been raised in the past.

“We highlighted this over the summer and we were told that this was a safety measure – the lights come on when the area controllers lost contact with the individual street lights. Could it be that the area wasn’t properly mapped and enought area controllers supplied and installed? We need this problemto be addressed as a matter of urgency”

But there is another pronblem. In some street, the lights aren’t coming back on until 6am or even later.

“I’ve been in contact with the street lighting team at Devon County Council” said Paul Bull.

“They tell me there are both time-activated and light-activated phases involved in the switch-on at 05:30.

“Some confusion occurred as to what was time-activated and what was light-activated in the dimming and part-night operations of the street lights.

“During this process, the 05.30 light-activated switch-on phase was deleted and this just left a 06.00 dimming phase and light-activated switch-off later in the morning”

According to Devon County Council, the necessary changes have now been made to restore the original part-night operation of the street lights.

However, if the lights still continue to come on at 6am or later, residents could contact DCC:
By phone: 0345 155 1015

By e-mail:

By post: Street Lighting, Devon County Council, Matford Lane Offices, County Hall, Topsham Road, EXETER EX2 4QW


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