Day-burners – the problems caused by part-night street lighting

I have been informed that in many parts of Cowick, street lights have been permanently on for the the past 24 hours.

As you can imagine, with the introduction of PNSL across the ward in April, this situation is not been met agreeably by local residents

So I wonder what Devon County Council have to say about this?

The installation of part-night lighting controls in Cowick and surrounding areas has progressed fairly well, but there have been locations where communications between individual lights and their area controllers have been poor, resulting in some lights operating during the day.

There are three area controllers in the Cowick ward, managing over 600 lights and the controller for the area between Wardrew Road and Okehampton Road is struggling to communicate with all the lights in that area, so DCC is arranging for an additional controller to be installed in Okehampton Road to improve the communication network and eliminate lights operating during the day.

The placement of controllers and their communication paths is affected by building topography and therefore not an exact science, so may not be effective first time – very much like when using a mobile phone and you need to move about to get the best signal. This means that some fine-tuning is required, either by adding more area controllers, or changing the communication configuration within an area.

The controls are also affected by fluctuations in the electricity supply and will day-burn overnight until the control has reset itself.

An additional controller should be installed this week, which should address the problem of day-burners.


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