Exeter HATOC | Could the Slough model of pavement parking work in Cowick?

Yet again the issue of parking on pavements has surfaced, this time at the meeting of Exeter HATOC held on 22 July 2014.

 attended the meeting on in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item:

When this debate started a few years ago when Exeter HATOC wanted the section 30 of the 1987 Exeter Act which banned pavement parking  implemented,  I knew what I wanted. 

I wanted the provisions reinstated as I knew that parking on the pavement was

–         bad for those with mobility issues

–         bad for those (like my dad) with visual impairments

–         bad for mums using buggies 

But then I look what would happen to some of the streets in in my ward of Cowick. 

–         Merrivale Road might need to become one-way? 

–         Buses would no longer be able to get down Barley Farm Road?

I’ve not experienced it but I have seen a picture taken by Cllr Heather Morris where she was stuck behind a bus for many minutes as the bus driver honked his horn to try and get some cars to move. 

So is there a middle way that helps both?

Slough have just been piloting a scheme in some areas where a white line is painted on the pavement to indicate how far cars can encroach onto the pavement

These would be positioned so as to ensure that a wheelchair or buggy could still pass safely on the footpath 

I understand that local highways authorities have the power under Traffic Regulations Act 1984 to make TROs that allow for specific parking restrictions in specific areas, to deal with the demands of local circumstances. 

There are some streets in Cowick that already allow for pavement parking – they are so narrow that there are few other options. 

Is there any scope for a further exploration of the Slough model partial pavement parking provision?

The minutes of the meeting are available here.

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