Cowick Part-Night Street Lighting | Crossing the boundaries

As part-night street lighting starts to roll out across the city, local councillors are trying to taka a proactive approach to help Devon County County introduce the scheme in a safe and co-ordinated way

The West Exe team of Labour councillors are doing their best to let residents know when PNSL will start in their street.

That aim is quite easy to achieve in the middle of wards…but is proving a little difficult in the streets that straddle ward boundaries.

Take the case of Church Path Lane – most of the length of this street is in St Thomas ward, but along  the stretch from Cowick Lane to Larch Road the right hand side is in Alphinton.

When I questioned Devon what would happen here, I was told that the lights here would join the PNSL scheme when St Thomas lights were switched off from 01 May 2014.

As a result, I assumed that any road straddling 2 wards with different start dates for PNSL, DCC would always take the later date, But that’s not so!

So, for Isleworth Road which forms the boundary between the wards of Cowick and Exeter, lights would start to be switched off when the scheme started in Exwick at the beginning of May.

However, it appears that Isleworth Road is already having its street lights switched off between 00:30 and 05:30, meaning that my Labour colleagues are been contacted about the dark streets.

When I asked about this, I was was told be Devon CC that:

“…in the case of Church Path Road my ward plan shows all three lights within the St Thomas ward. I am not going into this sort of detail at every boundary road, just taking the view what looks practical and what lies predominantly in one ward or other.
“I have not interpreted this in the same way as you have and future switch-offs will be conducted in a similar way.”

With that response, it seems DCC are looking to add confusion along the boundary streets of all wards across the city.

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