Analysing The AA data on

A last some data about part-night street lighting is been made available! This is something I’ve been asking, not calling, for for months, but as ever with statistics, the figures must be read CAUTION.

A recent  Express & Echo carried an article about PNSL- Turning off Exeter’s street lights risks lives, The AA warn [10 April 2014].

Not unsurprisingly, there have been Cowick residents who have made reference to this article.

I’ve pointed out to them that actually the data quoted in the article doesn’t reflect the situation in Cowick:

The AA said its research showed that night-time accidents in bad weather on well-lit 30mph urban roads had been slashed by 15.6per cent over the past five years. By contrast, where street lights have been switched off or are not present, the fall was just 2per cent.

The street lights have been turned off in all the residential streets in Cowick – each and every one of them is in a 20 mph zone.

Cowick has three 30 mph roads – B3231 (Dunsford Road out as far as Pocombe Bridge, Buddle Lane and Cowick Lane It was Devon County Council’s original intention only to leave the B3213 (being a classified road) lit throughout the night. Due to the campaigning work of Cllr Heather Morris and myself, the two 30 mph roads now remain lit during the  hours of part-night street lighting,

So, to go back to The AA’s data – all Cowick’s 30 mph road ARE well-lit urban roads – the ooutcome should be that incidents in 30 mph speed limits give similar outcomes to the AA survey.

My first reading of the The AA data is that correct implementation of robust impact and risk assessments have resulted in roads with high casuallty and incident rates remain lit. And that is what DCC has done in Cowick.

However, given that the rest of Cowick undergoing PNSL is in 20 mph zones, I wonder if either The AA or DCC have any figures for eslehwere in the county about number of incidents recorded in 20 mph zones before and after the introduction of PNSL?

Is their evidence reflected in data from where PNSL has been rolled out around the rest of the county? Or are there are concrete facts that you can give me to refute their conclusions

I want to be able to reassure those residents with such concerns about PNSL that we will not see an increase in road traffic collisions in Cowick’s residential streets.

And even though this is the case in Cowick, the implementation of PNSL across the rest of the city might mean that 30 mph roads will see their street lights being switched off.

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