Public consultation on part-night street lighting West of the Exe

I and all the other Labour councillors West of the Exe have express our concerns over Devon County Council’s plans for the introduction of part-night street lighting – switching off of street lights between the hours of 00:30 and 05:30.

So much so that we’ve lobbied DCC to undertake a public consultation exercise.

But much to my displeasure, DCC have only arranged one meeting within the 4 wards of Alphington, Cowick, Exwick and St Thomas, and done very little in the way of publicising the event.

I’ve voice my concerns to DCC and here’s their response:

At a meeting with the County Members a couple of months ago it was agreed that only 5 public meetings would take place. This was because there were reservations about the effectiveness of such meetings and the level of interest that there would be. It was agreed that maps of all wards would be available at each meeting so that anyone from within Exeter could attend any of the meetings to discuss issues in their ward. Following concerns that there was no meeting in the SW of the City a further meeting was added at the 100 Club.

In advance of the consultation DCC issued press releases to promote the consultation. This resulted in a number of articles in the local press as well as radio and television coverage.

We have now had 5 of the 6 meetings and as anticipated interest has been very limited – only one member of the public attended the last meeting.

In regard to the Baptist Church I am not sure whether it was contacted – however as sufficient meetings were arranged as agreed it may not have been. In view of the attendance at the other meetings there would be little value in adding any further meetings.

This phase of the consultation runs until 3 Nov and people can still provide feedback online.

We anticipate that there will be greater interest once the part night lighting starts being implemented therefore we will keep the website open for further feedback of any issues.

So please make YOUR voice heard by other methods!


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