Sovereign Housing Association | New Passivhaus development in Exeter

The architects Gale & Snowden – pioneers in their work on PassivHaus properties – announce on their website the opening ceremony for a ground-breaking development in Exeter.

Bevan House was handed over to the client and tenants at a ceremony on 17 October 2013 with Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Hannaford and Sovereign Housing Association.

The affordable housing flats are part of Exeter City Council’s plans to provide more quality housing accommodation in Exeter that are affordable for the occupants to run.  The development was designed by Gale & Snowden Architects and Engineers to Passivhaus principles and were built by CG Fry & Son Contractors.

Image: Jonathon Bosley Photography courtesy of CG Fry & Son
Image: Jonathon Bosley Photography courtesy of CG Fry & Son

The development features:
– Super insulation and thermal bridge free design
– High performance triple glazed timber windows and doors
– Air tight design achieving 0.5 ac/hr
– 93% efficient MVHR
– Thermal mass design providing inter-seasonal internal temperature stability

Designed to meet Lifetime Homes standard, Code 4, Secured by Design, optimum daylight levels throughout, Bevan House is currently being assessed for Passivhaus certification

Purely through passive design elements, the new flats at Bevan House will use approximately 75% less heating energy when compared to a standard UK building (2010 Building Regulation requirements), making it truly affordable for its tenants without compromising on comfort or indoor air quality.

Bevan House will provide exemplary, affordable housing, built to the highest standard of energy efficient construction.  This project shows again that we can successfully target fuel poverty and combat climate change at the same time.

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