LGA Labour | 50 Top Achievement by Labour Councils

LGA LAbour



Exeter Labour’s work to ensure Exeter City Council has a programme of Council Own Build homes is recognised in 50 Top Achievement by Labour Councils published by the Labour Group on the Local Government Association.


“While the Labour Party may not be in government nationally, we are increasingly in government locally, and we are achieving a lot. It is a source of pride and inspiration for our movement that in communities across the country Labour councillors are leading the way in exceptionally tough times for local government.” (Hilary Benn, Foreword)

Labour in local government is leading the way, ensuring that even in tough times we can put our values into action and deliver for our residents. ’50 Top Achievements by Labour Councils’ sets out the many and varied ways this is happening up and down the country. From boosting growth to delivering new homes, from supporting children through education to pioneering new social care, from helping residents cope with the cost of living crisis to delivering with less – Labour councils are demonstrating that they have the ideas, innovation and energy to deliver for their areas. This book shows exactly how they are making the Labour difference, by giving lots of examples of good practice in local areas.




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