Privatisation of Royal Mail


With the Government giving formal notice to the Stock Exchange that it plans to privatise the Royal Mail “in the coming weeks” [BBC News Royal Mail privatisation ‘in the coming weeks’ 12 September 2013],  there’s a standard letter beginning to arrive in my councillor e-mail box:

Royal Mail has proved to be a successful and profitable concern. It is highly regarded by many who feel unhappy about its

Despite reassuring words from the proponents of privatising Royal Mail, we can all think of examples where privatisation, has had negative outcomes down the line…when it’s too late to undo.

Particularly in rural parts of Devon, those mosst at risk of suffering a poorer , more expensive service will be vulnerable as they will be the least profitable. I’m not anti-change in a wholesale way but not all change is for the best.

I would like you to take these views into account and use any influence you have to oppose it.

My response:

Many thanks for your comments on the proposed privatisation of Royal Mail.

I would like to state that I am wholeheartedly opposed to the privatisation of Royal Mail.

I am sorry to say, for now the skirmish has been lost, with the oversubscription of the shares (as per other utlitiy sell-offs in 1980s) at a knock-down price. I think that thisa is very bad news for the universality of the postal service as a whole, and I’m sure that services to rural areas will be affected.

I am in no doubt that there will be price increases if not in the short term, then certainly in the long term.

Although I have little influence as an elected member of Exeter City Council, I am an active member of the Labour and Co-operative Parties  – both locally and nationally

Indeed, at a recent of  the West of Exe Branch Labour Party we passed an emergency motion calling on the national Labour Party to put in place all measures to bring the Royal Mail back into public ownership if (no, when) the propised sale goes ahead

For a long time I have added my voice to the long-running Communications Workers Union [CWU] Save Our Royal Mail campaign and, following the lead of postal worker, the Labour Party recently asked activists to use their Save the Daily Delivery website to send a message to Michael Fallon.

I hope like me, you’ve already signed the 38 Degrees petition, but there is also another petition on Change organised by Exeter postman Darren Rowbottom, who lives locally in St Thomas

If you use social media, you’ll see that (as @CllrPaul4Cowcik) I tweet often on many topics, and have done so on the topic of Royal Mail privatisation:

A recent set when the actual sale was announced:
“With Govt announcing that #RoyalMail sell-off will go ahead, the plan is that minimum investment in shares will be £750 …(1/2)

(2/2)…so why not make maximum investment in #Royalmail sell-off £750 as well. That way, it will remain in *public* hands | @SaveOurRM

Also I like this Venn Diagram about the subject:

Venn diagrams of our times: Royal Mail Privatisation [Richard Murphy | Tax Research UK]
Venn diagrams of our times: Royal Mail Privatisation [Richard Murphy | Tax Research UK]
I hope all this satisfies you that I am indeed opposed to the sell-off of Royal Mail and please do contact me if you have any other comments or ideas on how to improve the campaing to Save Our Royal Mail.

So be assured that I will continue to support any campaigns opposed to the privatisation of Royal Mail and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

Best wishes


Lemonade (courtesy
Lemonade (courtesy

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