Cowick Deserves Better Buses | Timetable at Crossmead Villas

Yesterday I and fellow councillors organised a public meeting calling for better buses to serve Cowck.

The meeting understandably concentrated on the route of the P service and trying to think of a way for to get local residents  to the GP surgery nearest to the ward – St Thomas Health Centre on Cowick Street.

Bu the P isn’t the only route that runs through Cowick – there are a number of routes  originating outside of Exeter that travel along Dunsfrod Road to the Last & Last and beyond.

If I git my fact right,  these are:

82 – Darline

359 – Country Bus

360 – Dartline

which I beleive are funded by DCC

and 2 routes operated by Western Greyhound routes  – which do not receive DCC funding.

All of these stop at Crossmead Villas, close to the junction of Dunsford Road and Barley Lane.

And the trouble is the timetables at this bus are not really user friendly

DUNSFORD ROAD Bus stop 01 [20 May 12]
Timetable at the Crossmead Villas bus stop
They are the full timetables,  listing the start of the journey form places far, far away, mention stage timings along the route, yet make little reference to the times when a bus might stop at Crossmead Villas.

And that’s if you can actually read them – the type is in an extremely small font. I certainly need my reading glasses.

What is actually needed here is just a list of times when a bus is due at the bus stop. In large type.

Surely that is possible to arrange?

And probably it is easy to arrange?

All we need now is the will to arrange!


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