Cowick Deserves Better Buses | Some alternative bus routes through Cowick?

Ahead of our Cowick Deserves Better Buses meeting, a local resident (and transport expert) has suggested some alternative bus routes through Cowick

Suggestion One – P and C.
An alternative route structure that would give a 30min interval on two routes serving Crossmeads and High Meadows.

P – Pennsylvania to High Meadows via Okehampton and Isleworth Roads

C – Pennsylvania to Crossmead via Cowick Street and Dunford Hill

It might be possible to construct a timetable where the P to High Meadows via Okehampton Road becomes the C form Crossmeads via Cowick Street (and visa versa) and so continue to run round the High Meadows/Barley Lane loop. This would provide a 15min interval service to Pennsylvania. The hourly evening and Sunday service (P/C) could run round the whole loop – Okehampton, Isleworth Road, High Meadows, Crossmeads and Cowick St.

This would require one extra bus to cover the two routes. This would also return the capacity on the route(s) to the original level now that smaller buses seem to have been introduced.

Example timetable:

Location Present Route Location New Route
Crossmeads 10.00 P Crossmeads 10.00 C
Crossmeads 10.20 P High Meadows 10.15 P
Crossmeads 10.40 P Crossmeads 10.30 C
Crossmeads 11.00 P High Meadows 10.45 P
Crossmeads 11.20 P Crossmeads 11.00 C
High Meadows 11.15 P
4 Buses   5 Buses  

Suggestion Two – P, C and H.
What are the P loadings like on the Pennsylvania side of town? If they do not warrant a 15min interval this may provide an answer.

Maintain the P bus to High Meadows via Okehampton Road (as per the original P route) at a 30min interval.

Introduce a new C service, also at a 30min interval from Crossmead to via Cowick Street and Queen Street to St David’s Station. This would improve the frequency of buses contacting the city centre to its principle station (the present H not being well timed for many trains) and provide new access to St David’s form the St Thomas side of town.

Ideally these routes (P and C) would be at 20min intervals. The new C could also provide a connection from the proposed new and more remote bus station and St David’s Station. Indeed if the new C ran every 15mins, and slotted between the H service, it would provide a very respectable 7-8 interval between the city centre and St David’s Station.


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