Part-Night Street Lighting for Cowick

For a long time there has been talk about Devon  County Council adopting a strategy of turning off street lights overnight.

This all came to a head in April 2012 when the Cabinet at Devon County Council passed a resolution approving expenditure of £1.7 million on a Street Light Monitoring System.

*481 Street Lighting Monitoring System

 (Councillors Greenslade, Newcombe and Westlake attended in accordance with Standing Order 25(2) and spoke to this item).

The Cabinet considered the report of the Head of Capital Development Waste Management (CDW/12/11) on the proposed procurement of a remote street lighting monitoring system to be deployed initially in Exeter and thereafter across the County, enabling the Council to reduce the intensity of or switch off street lighting in a controlled manner.

It was MOVED by Councillor Hughes, SECONDED by Councillor Croad, and

RESOLVED that approval, in principle, be given to the procurement of a remote monitoring system for street lighting, at an estimated cost of 1,700,000 as set out in Report CDW/12/11 with approval of final funding being delegated to the Cabinet Member for Resources.

So at the end of May, I and other Exeter  City and Devon County councillors received a pack of information from Devon County Council about how they plan to implement the scheme and saying the consutation started at the beginning of May!

In the first instance they want to hear the views of councillors on the proposals. I am quite clear on my views – that the public must be involved and consulted in the debate.

According to Devon County Council, the aims of its part-nightstreet lighting policy are to cut carbon emissions and to reduce energy costs.  The proposed unlit period for affected streets would be from half an hour after midnight until about 5.30 in the morning.

It has already been agreed that lights in the city centre and on main roads will remain on all night.

In addition, a consultation exercise is now taking place to inform decisions about which other lights to leave on all night, for example, on key walk home routes.

The draft proposals on which of Exeter’s streets would be exempted from part-night lighting have been published here along with a link to a map of the proposals

If you zoom in and move the map around you will find your own neighbourhood.  The maps will also be displayed across Exeter in community venues and on public notice boards.

In COWICK it is proposed that ONLY Dunsford Road as a main route should keep their lights on all night, and there are no designated walking routes in the ward.

I am interested to hear your views. Here are some initial questions to prompt your thoughts, and it is essential to give your reasons where appropriate

  1. Do you think that part-night lighting (ie turning off streetlights) between 12.30am and 5.30am, should be implemented in at least some parts of Cowick?
  2. Are you happy with the lights being left on all night along Dunsford Road
  3. Are there other streets that you think should be lit all night?  If so, please name them or specify the area concerned.

I need to let Devon County Council know what the residents of Cowick think about the part-night lighting scheme by 5th July

If you wish to make your views known please send me an email me at giving your name and residential address to reach me before 5th July .

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