Exeter City Council Housing Review Account Update

Exeter City Council’s Scrutiny Committee – Community considered a report giving an update on the Housing Revenue Account for 2012/2013.

The report highlights the retention of Laing Easiform Council homes and their renovation/refurbishment


Non Traditional Properties

2.1 The Council has a total of 402 non –traditional properties as follows:

2.2 Whilst not technically unfit, many of these properties require extensive renovation. Since June 2012, the Council has stopped the ‘trickle-transfer’ of the Laing Easiform homes to Sovereign Homes and will in future retain the remaining 21 homes and refurbish them as and when they become available. It is estimated that the refurbishment of these 21 homes will require an investment from the Council of at least £1.58 million. This expenditure will be funded from the HRA but will only be payable as and when Laing homes become vacant and require refurbishment.

2.3 Refurbishment works will commence on the following Laing Easliform homes in summer 2013; 57 Newman Road, 44 Merrivale Road and 40 Myrtle Road.

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