Pavement parking off Alphington Road

I’ve already covered the problems of pavement parking and parking on corners in earlier blogs.

Over in Alphington, there’s series of small, narrow streets with plenty of corners (and little parking space) centred around Coverdale Road and Ebrington Road.

The Alphington Neighbourhood Beat Team have issuing a letter to the residents making them aware of these parking issues.

The letter reminds residents  the that parking too close to the junctions causes limited visibilty to drivers and pedestrians – and that by doing so, they are breaking the law.

The Alphinton NBT hope, that by issuing this letter, that residents will be considerate to others and not park in a dangerous or inconsiderate manner.

I hope that by issuing this letter to the residents it will make you aware of this parking issue and that you’ll make sure it’s kept clear of obstructing vehicles.


Let’s see if the letter  makes any impact and we’ll start to see that these streets are  kept clear of obstructing vehicles.


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