Cowick Deserves Better Buses – the view from a resident

Sometimes, but very very infrequently, councillors receive compliments, rather than gripes and groans. This is one such instrance:

Just a quick mail to thank you for your sterling but unfortunately unsuccessful efforts to get a half decent P bus service from Stagecoach for residents of Cowick.

I am sorry that your input has fallen on deaf ears but that is to be expected with Stagecoach, as they appear to always treat their customers (and Councillors it would seem!) with contempt.

I understand that they are a profit making organisation but some consideration for bus users would be good, as they are always more than happy to take all the subsidies that are on offer!

They complete miss the point when they talk about Crossmead passengers as it is not just that area that has no bus to the Health Centre but all of Cowick, including Barley farm Road, Berkshire Drive, Charnley Avenue, High Meadows Isleworth Road etc, etc

In a letter recently to Cllr Newcombe my wife wrote :–
“Regarding a bus service to access the local Health Centre for Cowick residents.

A simple solution would be for the current P bus to follow its present route until reaching the bottom of Isleworth Road where it could turn right into Buddle Lane, taking it down into Cowick Street, past the Health Centre and following the same route on its return journey.

Currently THREE buses from Exwick go along Buddle lane, so therefore go past the Health Centre (WHY??)

One could be diverted along Okehampton road to cover the gap left by the P bus.

If a bus covers Dunsford Road only this still excludes the majority of Cowick residents from accessing the Health Centre easily.”

Is this too simple for Stagecoach to understand or is it just that they are too arrogant to listen to ideas and reason?

Anyway I have had my moan. Thank you again for all your help and interest.


2 thoughts on “Cowick Deserves Better Buses – the view from a resident

  1. My thanks to this resident:

    Many thanks for your kind words…normally we councillors only hear from residents when they have problems.

    I don’t worry about the lack of success of the recent campaign – “Cowick Derserves Better Buses” will continue

    I hope you’ve seen the to-ing and fro-ing in the recent editions of “Express & Echo”.

    In this week’s issue, I do make the point it isn’t only Crossmead that suffers [indeed they are in the best position to avail themeselves of various out-of-City bus providers to do diectly down Dunsford Hill] but the overwhelming majority of Cowick residents that are affected by the lack of us service along Cowick Street.

    The recent publicity has resulted in another invitation to meet with the Managing Director of Stagecoach SW, which we hope to take up in th very near future.

    Once again thank you…and keep watching for more news on this issue.

    Best wishes



    1. And Cllr Heathe Morris added:

      Cllr Bull kindly copied me into your email and his response, and I would like to add the following points.

      Shortly after I was elected, in Sept 2010, I arranged a meeting with Stagecoach to discuss the bus/congestion problems at the crossroads at the end of Cowick Street.

      I also discussed the possibility of a bus service to link Crossmead/Dunsford Gardens to the Health Centre.

      At the time Stagecoach were adamant that due to the financial reasons and the fact that the majority of persons wanting the change were in possession of a concessionary bus pass, and therefore able to get two buses at no additional cost to themselves, they were not prepared to change things.

      Neither Cllr Bull or I were serving elected members when the service was taken away /rerouted and it is always harder to reintroduce something, once lost.

      However, Cllr Bull since elected has been equally keen to try and see a service reintroduced and holding a P Bus surgery was an excellent way of gauging public opinion.

      Cllr Bull now sits on the joint ECC/DCC Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee and therefore he is able to ask questions of Stagecoach – with the questions & answers being minuted which is essential if we are to ever hold anyone to account.

      Both Cllr Bull and I are looking to arrange a further meeting with Stagecoach in the very near future, and we will ensure that all residents are made aware of the outcome.


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