Bus services in Cowick

Speaking to the residents of Cowick on the doorstep, on the streets, at bus stops and on the buses about bus services,  they remember the old C route serving Crossmead/Dunsford Road/Cowick Street so fondly that you would think that it had been withdrawn in the recent past. I’m sure it’s much longer ago that that!

Indeed, an entry on the Stagecoach South West Wikipedia website states:
In December 2006, Stagecoach announced that in 2007 the Exeter City P service will split into 2 different routes, P1 and P2, due to requests from residents in Crossmead complaining that the St Thomas health centre was inaccessible following changes in April 2003

Stagecoach spokesman Mark Whittle said [P Just Perfect As Bus Campaigners Told Service Will Be Back, E&E, 07 Dec 2006]
“Details are still being confirmed but there will be a P1 and P2 and they will run in a loop, which effectively means that there will be a P bus running along Cowick Street every half hour”

In March 2007 it was announced that the new service would not begin until September. [Bus Delivery Hold-Up Dashes Bid To Reroute P Service By Easter E&E 24 Mar 2007]
Many customers were left in the dark about the changes, and the idea of splitting the route was scrapped

What, of course is interesting, is that fact that now immediately by the Crossmead terminus a new development of 100 households has sprung up since 2009 – so increasing the need to have a direct that serves this and enables residents to reach the doctors’ surgery on Cowick Street.

All of the above begs various questions on the history of bus services in Exeter

The routes of C and P services prior to April 2003 when the C service was scrapped?

The route of the P service from April 2003 to March 2007?

When the current route for the P was introduced?

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