Cowick Deserves Better Buses – Day 2

Today didn’t start out about buses…

However, catching the P to Cowick from High Street highlighted some of the issue raised on the buses yesterday.

The real-time interactive displays were listing an A bus to Alphington as “due” and several buses to Exwick were expected within the next 10 min. But no P service.

So imagine my surprise when the first bus to arrive was a P!

This was interesting background information, as one of my visits was to talk to a Cowick resident about the operational failing of these self-same displays.

Two or three cases later, I was walking up Barley Lane towards the terminus at Crossmead when I saw a lady walk away from the bus shelter.

I ran to catch up with her to find out the story. She wasn’t sure but she thought she arrived early enough to catch the 10:40 departure – now 8 min late, she would be unable to make the connection she needed in the city centre. Did the bus depart early? Was it taken out of service [anecdotal evidence from yesterday suggested that this might be the case]. Will ask questions of Stagecoach.

UPDATE from Stagecoach: 
This service DID run. Arrived Crossmead at 10:37 and departed on time at 10:40

Very interesting conversation with a knowledgeable resident. No only covered the real-time displays, but he also wondered why the on-board dot matrix displays don’t give “next stop” information. Good question. Hope Stagecoach have a answer when I ask them about it at next week’s Exeter HATOC [Highway and Traffic Orders Committee] at County Hall next week

Like me, he would like an city centre route that covers St Davids Station – Central Station – Bus Station. A 10 min service could be covered by 3 buses, he thinks. And what about a frequent INTEGRATED service that links St Davids with the Airport at times that suit the flights rather than forming the service to Sidmouth?


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