Bus surgery 4

Time to make [and time] the return journey from First and Last junction to find out the journey time from the health centre back up to Crossmead [remember a 14 min walk from earlier in the morning].

Good considerate driver on this A bus waits for running passengers, so I’ll start my stopwatch when we depart.

At the front of the bus is some information about the National Bus Passes which will expire on 31 March 2013. If you have moved since you were issued with your current pass, or you photo isn’t a good likeness, you need to contact Devon County Council by phoning 01392 383688 or 01271 383688. You can also write to them at:
Concessionary Travel,
Transport Co-Ordination Services,
Room 18, Matford Offices,
County Hall,
Topsham Road,
Exeter, EX2 4QD
with proof of your new address (council tax/utility bill) and quote the long number across your pass in all correspondence.

Mid morning traffic along Cowick Street means that it takes 5 minutes to reach St Thomas Shopping Precinct.

4 minute wait in the sun, as the bus stop is in shadow, with a Cowick resident who recognises me and tells me that I’ve got her vote. Thank you.

Bus on time departs at 11:42.

Is the service good? “All depends on the time of day” is the response. “Often 20 min late” is another, suggesting yet again a bus is out of service.

An Isleworth Road resident [who realises that he lives on the Exwick side and so I don’t represent him!] would like a bus shelter on the stop half way down the hill from High Meadows, so on the in-bound journey he usually walks down the hill to catch the bus outside the shops.

High Meadow at 11:52
Bowhay Lane at 11:55
Littleway at 11:56; and
Crossmead at 11:57

Bus journey time: 24 min; walking time: 14 min

Interesting first day of the Cowick Deserves Better Buses campaign, and people seem very open to talk about all sorts of issues. These bus surgeries really could be the answer to engaging with Cowick residents.

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