Bus surgery 2

Bus number 47096 already waiting as I walked up Barley Lane – but I knew that as I had seen it turn out of Bowhay Lane 10 min early.

Stagecoach managers have informed me in the past that there is a timing stage at High Meadows [first stop in Charnley Avenue after Isleworth Road] but I’ve never been on a bus that adjusts its timings here.

Speak to a gentleman who has walked down from Nadder Park Road, past the Croft Chase stop to enjoy the provision of the bus shelter as it is now spitting with rain. He has a car, but for these short journeys into town he uses his bus pass for the “sheer economy” of it.

I ask another passenger what she thinks of the bus service and she responds “what bus service?”.

Saturday before last there was chaos in the city centre caused by the closure of High Street by the processing Exeter College students and she waited for a long time at the BhS stop with no idea why the buses weren’t arriving.

“What this bus really needs to do is turn right here” comments a resident of Berkshire Drive “so we can get to the Health Centre without having to change buses”. They added  “why can’t one of the routes from Exwick do the pick-ups along Okehampton Street?” That’s a question I’ve asked Stagecoach in the past, and one which I will continue to ask.

Residents from Bershire Drive confirm that the bus leaves Bowhay Lane early on far too many occasions.


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