Bus surgery on buses to the surgery

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Do you think Cowick deserves better buses?

It is believed by many that the public transport delivered by Stagecoach for Cowick residents does not meet the needs of the travelling public

It is a 2-bus trip to access medical and health services provided by the St Thomas Medical Centre on Cowick Street, a difficult and taxing journey for those with mobility problems and young children in buggies.

They have to make a change of bus at St Thomas precinct – the 2nd bus stop is not even directly opposite the in-bound bus stop. They have to walk some 100m to catch the second bus.

Yet up to 8 buses an hour from Exwick stop at the First and Last bus stop allowing residents from Exwick convenient access to the health centre. These often cause traffic congestion at this busy junction, inconveniencing Cowick residents opting to use their own private transport, yet no direct bus from Cowick goes to this end of Cowick Street

It also means that it is expensive to travel to reach the health centre. Patients either have to buy 4 single tickets or an Exeter Dayrider at £3.50 to  make a bus journey to travel less than a mile as the crow flies.

On Thursday 1 November, Cllr Paul Bull, intends to experience the journey,  catching the P service departing Crossmeads/Sylvan Heights at 09:40 [the first service available to bus pass holders] to time the journey to St Thomas Health Centre.

Paul then plans to spend time talking to passengers on the service throughout the day to discover what they think of the current service offered by Stagecoach.

Follow Paul’s journey using the twitter hashtag #CowickBuses

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