Bright lights on Sylvan Heights development site

Earlier this week I attended a meeting organised by the residents of Eton Walk in the new Sylvan Heights development.

Among many issues raised, they mentioned that they were concerned by the brightness of the street lamps, especially those in the green space closest to 8-22 in the centre of the site. It was felt that one at least shone directly into one of the houses, possibly 14 Eton Walk.

Not being sure if this is currently the responsibility of Taylor Wimpey as developer of the site, or Devon County Council, who will eventually adopt the highways on the site, I contacted the lighting team at DCC to seek clarification and help.

Maybe there might be some any scope for using reduced wattage lighting in these units, or perhaps adapting the stances with some of those clever deflectors as used along Sidwell Street outside the new John Lewis store?

I was told that DCS is in the process of adopting the street lighting on this development, but this has not been completed as yet, due to ongoing “snagging issues” not being fully completed to date.

Officers have carried out three inspections of the lighting here so far and forwarded requested remedial actions, after each inspection, to those concerned.

One action of which was for the planting of a “missing” street light, which was shown on the original DCC lighting design, on the footpath outside of some of the properties.

Apparently some residents had been resisting the installation of this unit but DCC are insisting that it is required in order for the relevant footpath to be lit according to the European standards that DCC’s Street Lighting Team are required to comply with.

To ensure that any light spill is minimised, back into any properties at this location, DDC requested that when it was planted the lantern be fitted with a rear shield, so it may be the offending street light is this “missing” street light (without a rear shield) which is now up and functioning.

DCC are going to look at whether any  other lanterns require shielding on this development, and will liaise with Tal;or Wimpey to organise for the works to be completed.


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