Why are HGVs travelling through Alphington?

The meeting Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee [HATOC] on 19 April 2012  [Minute 130] looked at the movement of Heavy Goods Vehicles in the city.

Up until now there has been a city-wide ban which has been deemed “ineffective and unenforceable”.

Labour Cllr for Cowick, Paul Bull, has recently been appointed to HATOC and is interested in making any changes to the regulations effective across the West of Exe.

Following requests from Cllr Margaret Clark, he has asked questions of County officers about HGV movements in Alphington.

Paul [himself a Class C1 HGV driver] has found that the current city-wide ban specifically excludes Alphington.

He said “Cllr Margaret Clark has received numerous comments about HGVs in the village, especially Church Road.

“I’ve checked around the village, and found there was no signage at the Chudleigh Road junction with the A379. Following this up at County level, I found that there is no restriction on HGVs coming through Alphington from ANY direction.”

HATOC is currently reviewing the regulations regarding the routes HGV should use throughout the city, and Paul has ensured that the concerns of residents West of the Exe are heard.

He states: “I and my Labour councillors West of Exe have serious concerns as and when the city-wide ban on HGV movements is lifted. It must be stressed that all available measures should be taken to ensure that HGVs are positively routed away from the areas of Alphington, Cowick, Exwick and St Thomas as much as possible to prevent our roads West of Exe from taking a severe battering from heavy traffic.”

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