E&E Letters | Any ideas about traffic solutions?

COUNCILLOR Paul Bull and I have been looking into the issue of traffic congestion at the Cowick Street/Dunsford Hill junction for several months.

I met with Stagecoach in April and they warmly supported my suggestion that we should all be looking at this junction and seeking a solution. Having looked at previous reports, I have noticed that the police, Devon County Council and Exeter City Council recognise there are problems at this junction, but have been unable to agree any solution.

I don’t think it is acceptable to say “We don’t know what the answer is,” and just let matters lie.

Clearly a solution needs to be found and there is probably not one that will suit all.

However, by bringing this issue out into the public domain once again let’s see if an agreement can be found on a way forward.

Cllr Bull (cllr.paul.bull@exeter.gov.uk) and I would like to hear from any commuters or residents that have a suggestion on how to deal with this junction.

Cllr Heather Morris
Labour city councillor, Cowick

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