Stabbing “The Stilettoed Socialist” in the back?

Travelling to Cardiff by train and the papers are full of it, criticising thw views of Ellie Gellard, who blogs as The Stilettoed Socialist and tweets as @BevaniteEllie.

At yesterday’s Labour manifesto launch in Birmingham, the 20-year Bristol student sat next to Gordan and Sarah, and told the gathering how the election would be fought not just through traditional mediums like posters and TV, but via blogs, YouTube and Twitter. “We are asking our supporters not just to have a look at our manifesto but to share it with their friends and we’re making it easier than ever to do so.”

The papers are taking her task because 2 years ago, following Labour’s disasterous Glasgow East by-election, she dared to blog criticising Gordan Brown and his actions as leader.

In 2008 she said Labour had failed to “champion the poor and ‘normal’ rather than the super-rich…How dare he stand by with personal interest watching our party sink. It is not his to lose – it is ours.”

She went on to describe her “ideal scenario” in which Brown stood down, recognising that the party had been badly damaged, and Alan Johnson took over.

“In short, Brown (although I had high hopes and don’t burden you with total responsibility), get your coat: time’s up,” she said.

If it’s a crime to change your mind over this issue, I also stand guilty as charged.

I wanted a leadership election when Blair stood down.

I was worried about our election chances following that by-election defeat and questioned Brown’s leadership then.

Yet I’ve changed my mind.

When Hoon and Hewitt attempted the Judean ousting of Brown earlier this year, I made my feelings known – in this blog and in a letter published in the Independent.

Gordan is our man – he has done well over the global financial crisis and he has overseen the rise of the Party’s fortunes in the opinion polls.

Bring on the first Leadership Debate on Thursday.


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